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    0 Class Reunions: Memories Held in a Folder

    Recently, PFC Products had the pleasure of remaking a folder from 37 years ago for The Beaufort Eagles 26-year High School Reunion in South Carolina. Talk about a blast from the past, specifically 1986! When Michelle Gray reached out to us about the folder, little did we know that our very own PFC Products Rep, Robin Donnelly, had worked on the original design all those years ago.

    “I jumped at the idea because back in the day, I was a typesetter and may have been the one who typeset this very folder. PFC Products has created hundreds of school folders each season, and I never really thought about what a snapshot from the past they represented—until Michelle brought it to our attention. Needless to say, PFC was proud to reproduce this folder for Michelle and help make the reunion a bit more special,” said Donnelly.

    According to Gray, the reunion took place without a hitch and everyone was excited for the folder.

    "Most classmates were shocked to see the folder! It means a lot and holds a lot of memories. Over the years we've lost quite a few classmates and the folder brought back memories of years gone by. It was touching to be able to read the message from Principal Ellis and be able to look at the map of the old building [now an elementary school] and retrace our schedules," said Gray.

    A copy of the folder now rests in the school's showcase for all to see and admire.

    Our folders serve as thoughtful and functional mementos that can last for years. Gray has indicated other grades may be interested in recreating their class folders for their reunions, and PFC Products is happy to help!

    If you are looking for a custom presentation or document folder look no further than PFC Products. We have grown throughout the years, producing custom presentation and document folders for more than 26 unique industries. We are here to help your business grow!

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