Scale Ticket Folders & Receipt Envelopes

Secures Tickets! Allows drivers to be organized.


Grain farmers and truck drivers know the importance of securing scale tickets. With this in mind, we have a variety of designs offered in three sizes. These choices allow you to select your folder based on your storage needs. In addition, another key feature is our quality construction. All our envelopes are designed to last a season of use. Additionally, our folders are sized to easily store in the glove compartment or above the visor.

The most compelling point is the benefit you gain from marketing your brand image. In other words, by using our folders you have the added value of low-cost advertising. This provides a great value for your money. As an added convenience we offer easy online ordering and we can customize upon request.

If you have questions or would like to chat call us at 800-344-1343 or contact via Live Chat, we are here to help.